Open Data

The main goal of this session, as stated by chair Nicole Dewandre (Advisor for Societal Issues at DG CNECT), was to explore how ICT has changed and continues to change our methods of scientific data acquisition and interchange of knowledge between scientific and regular community.


Developments in Publishers’ Text and Data Mining (TDM) Policy


Today, SPARC released a new community resource for research funders entitled, “Implementing an Open Data Policy”. This primer addresses key issues that these organizations encounter when considering the adoption and implementation of an open data policy.

Click on the images below for the full resolution PDFs of the fact sheets.

This presentation was delivered by Heather Joseph to the 2015 ACRL Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon on March 27, 2015.

During the past several years, Open Data has become a field of urgent interest to researchers, scholars, and librarians. With the amount of scientific data doubling every year, issues surrounding the access, use, and curation of data sets are increasing in importance.

A presentation by Heather Joseph to the Texas Library Association.