Demystifying Hackathon with Brian Glanz

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August 06, 2013
SPARC's August 6, 2013 Webcast

On our August 6, 2013 webcast our guest speaker, Brian Glanz, showed us that Hackathons are not just for the technologists. Open Access Week is now just around the corner (October 21-27) and a Hackathon is a great way to stir interest, involvement, and possibly create finished projects using Open Access content.

Our guest speaker, Brian Glanz, is the founder of the Open Science Federation and co-founder of the American chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation. With both organizations, Brian has lots of experience participating in and deploying Hackathons where Open Access content played a critical part.

We would love to hear your own experiences participating and hosting Hackathons!

SPARC's Webcast: Demystifying Hackathons with Brian Glanz from SPARC on Vimeo.