2006 SPARC Election Results

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2006 SPARC Election Results

January 4, 2006


Dear SPARC members,

I am pleased to announce that the following individuals have been selected by SPARC's voting membership to serve on the SPARC Steering Committee for three-year terms (January 2006-December 2008), effective this month:

  • Larry Alford, Temple University
  • Sherrie Bergman, Bowdoin College (by re-election)
  • Ray English, Oberlin College (by re-election)
  • Diane Graves, Trinity University
  • John Ober, University of California
  • Sarah Pritchard, University of California, Santa Barbara

Congratulations to this outstanding group. They each bring invaluable experience, perspective, and insight to SPARC.

Our thanks go to the other fine candidates who graciously consented to participate in the election process. Also, we are grateful to the SPARC Nominating Committee for this year's election: Shirley Baker, Charles Lowry, and Pamela Snelson. Thank you.

The new members join the current members of the SPARC Steering Committee:

  • Nancy Baker, University of Iowa
  • Deb Carver, University of Oregon
  • Gwendolyn Ebbett, University of Windsor
  • Joyce Ogburn, University of Utah
  • Carolynne Presser, University of Manitoba
  • Bas Savenije, University of Utrecht

Finally, and especially, I want to extend my gratitude to the Steering Committee members whose terms concluded in December: Jim Neal (Columbia University), Sam Demas (Carleton College), Sarah Michalak (UNC Chapel Hill), and MacKenzie Smith (MIT). All have made invaluable contributions to SPARC during the past three years, helping us shape our programs and set priorities. I'd like to thank Jim in particular for his service as chair of the SPARC Steering Committee since 2002 and for so effectively using his seat to drive important changes in scholarly publishing for these many years. Our thanks to each of you.


All the best,


Heather Joseph
Executive Director, SPARC