New Research Project Explores “Library Publishing Services: Strategies for Success”

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Thanks to a recently-announced grant from IMLS, and with support from Berkeley Electronic Press, Microsoft Research, and SPARC, a research project is now underway that seeks to assess the status of library-based publishing, explore opportunities for strengthening existing programs, and inform the creation of new services.

Three partners received the IMLS Collaborative Planning Grant announced in late September 2010 ( These are Purdue University, Georgia Tech, and the University of Utah Libraries. The research being undertaken as part of the "Library Publishing Services: Strategies for Success" project consists of a web survey of ARL, Oberlin Group, and Universities Library Group institutions, a literature review, and a series of case studies of sustainability models of e-journals, conference proceedings, and book-like publications.

The results will be presented at a series of three workshops to be held in May 2011, where representatives from a range of different types of institution will be invited to assess progress so far, discuss approaches that have and have not worked, and suggest what the next generation of library-based publishing services will look like. To ensure a representative sample of institutions, attendance at the workshops will be by invitation after review of applications. Accommodation and other on site expenses will be paid for all delegates and some travel support will be available.

Representatives of library-based publishing programs already in existence or still being explored are warmly invited to indicate their interest in attending a workshop. To do so, please complete the application form online at:

The application form below will stay open until at least the end of November 2010. Invitations to a workshop will be issued to representatives from a broad sample of institutions before the end of January 2011.

“Library-based Publishing: Strategies for Success” is supported by IMLS and the partner institutions, with generous support from Berkeley Electronic Press, SPARC, and Microsoft Research. Questions about the project may be addressed to Mark P. Newton, Assistant Professor, Purdue University Libraries.

Tel: (765) 494-8511. E-mail: newton [at] purdue [dot] edu.

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