Lund University supports publishing in OA journals

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Lund, Sweden
March 24th 2009

Lund University supports publishing in OA journals

In the 2009 budget Lund university has approved of funding publication fees in Open Access journals with 1,5 million SEK (190,000$) with the intention to encourage and assist publishing in open access journals. The fund will be managed by Lund University Libraries, Head Office. This is one of the largest funds allocated at a university in support of publishing in OA journals.

Already in 2005 the Board of Lund University adopted an OA policy (
Among the recommendations in the policy the first one states that “researchers at Lund University, if possible, publish in journals with open access”
The approval of the specific publication fee fund in the budget is an important step in the process of turning the recommendation into reality.

Over the last years the number of articles published in OA Journals by researchers from Lund University has increased rapidly. LU has been a member of BioMed Central from the start ( using library funding to cover publication fees. Thanks to the designated funding for 2009 LU will be able to continue this prepay membership and also a membership with Hindawi Publishing ( started in 2008. Hindawi is using a flat-rate membership model where the membership fee replaces the individual publication fees in full. Recently LU also reached an agreement with PLoS where The Library Head Office will pay the full publication fee for each article published by LU affiliated authors.

Through these memberships LU authors will have the possibility to publish in over 300 quality controlled STM journals that are open access without having to be concerned about the publication fee. Advantages with this arrangement are that it increases the incentive for researchers to publish in OA journals, supports a wider dissemination of LU research and the authors retain the copyright to their articles. A centralized approach also simplifies the administrative handling of the publication fees and makes it more cost-effective.

During April the Head office will run an information drive to inform researchers at the university about the advantages of OA publishing and our memberships.

Since the subjects that are covered by these OA-publishers are almost exclusively biosciences and technology we are looking for ways to support open access publishing in social sciences and the humanities and this is something we will work on this spring.

For more information please contact: Lars Björnshauge ( or Jörgen Eriksson (