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New State-Level Policy Brief on OER

A new briefing paper on state-level open educational resources policy was released yesterday by the Education Commission of the States (ECS), a non-partisan think tank that provides education policy advice to U.S. states. Entitled “Open source textbooks can help drive down the overall cost of college,” the brief provides an overview of trends in OER policy to address the rising cost of college textbooks. 

Registration for OpenEd 2014 Now Open

Registration is now open for the 11th Annual Open Education Conference (“OpenEd”) on November 19-21 in Washington, D.C. OpenEd is considered the premier international event for the Open Educational Resources (OER) community, and this year will draw hundreds of practitioners, advocates, researchers and policymakers to explore the theme of "achieving the potenital of open."

SPARC is delighted to be a partner in this year's OpenEd, and we have a few exciting announcements to share:

SPARC "Roadshow" Kicks Off With Five-Campus California Tour

SPARC has officially launched one of our most exciting and anticipated education programs of the year: a campus roadshow that will bring SPARC staff to campuses across North America to educate and energize librarians, students, faculty and others to advance Open Access, Open Education and Open Data.

Launch of the Open Policy Network

As an organization working on open access policy for more than a decade, we’re excited to announce SPARC’s participation in the new Open Policy Network (OPN). OPN is a coalition of organizations and individuals working to support the creation, adoption, and implementation of policies that require that resources produced by public funds are openly licensed.

Back to Facts: Washington's Open Course Library

The Open Course Library is one of the first and highest profile system-wide efforts to leverage open educational resources for textbook affordability. We're devoting this post to revisit the facts on how far the Open Course Library has come.

Survey Says: Textbook Costs a Threat to Student Success

A new report released yesterday by consumer advocacy group U.S. PIRG adds to the growing body of evidence linking textbook costs with negative academic consequences. Textbooks are meant to help students learn but can have the opposite effect if the cost is out of reach.