Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions (COAPI)

The Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions (COAPI) brings together representatives from North American universities with established faculty open access policies and those in the process of developing such policies. It was formed to share information and experiences and to illuminate opportunities for moving faculty-led open access forward at member institutions and advocating for open access nationally and internationally.  COAPI will offer a collection of best and evolving practices to act as a roadmap for inspiring, promoting and implementing open access polices at institutions without existing or effective open access policies.
COAPI is an informal organization and at this time no dues are required to join. Potential members are asked to agree to this set of principles that guide COAPI's education and advocacy efforts. Membership in COAPI is divided into Full Member, Affiliate, and Community Member tiers on the basis of the stage of development or implementation of the joining institution's OA Policy. More information on COAPI membership and governance may be found here.   

brief summary of activities and accomplishments outlines the success and growth of COAPI. Highlights include COAPI’s January 2012 response to the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy’s Request for Information, and the COAPI’s June 13, 2012 letter submitted in support of FRPAA to congressmen.

For further information about COAPI, please contact us at COAPI [at] arl [dot] org

The COAPI Steering Committee consists of:

Andrew Wesolek (Chair, 2013) awesole [at] clemson [dot] edu
Anne Langley (Vice Chair, 2013) alangley [at] princeton [dot] edu
Yuan Li (Past Chair)

Ellen Finnie Duranceau (through July 2014)
Ray English (through July 2014)
Ada Emmett (through July 2015)
Micah Vandegrift (through July 2015)

COAPI institutions include:
Full Members

Amherst College
Arizona State University
Bryn Mawr College
California Digital Library
College of Wooster
Columbia University
Connecticut College
DePauw University
Duke University
Emory University
Georgia Tech
Grinnell College
Gustavus Adolphus (Library)
Harvard University
Hope College
Lafayette College
Miami University
Oberlin College
Olin College of Engineering
Oregon State University
Purdue University
Rice University 
Rollins College
Rutgers University
Trinity University (Texas)
UC San Francisco
UNC Greensboro
University of California System
University of Colorado Boulder
University of Florida
University of Hawaii Manoa
University of Kansas
University of North Texas
University of Northern Colorado
University of Rhode Island
Utah State University
Wake Forest University
Wellesley College


Affiliate Members

Athabsca University
Concordia University - Portland
Creighton University
Florida State University
Kansas State University
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Penn State
Stanford University
Syracuse University
Trinity College
U Mass Amherst
University of Florida
University of Kentucky
University of Las Vegas
University of Oregon
University of Texas at Arlington
University of Washington
Washington University (St. Louis)


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COAPI's first Annual Report - July 2012

COAPI Supports Guide to Good Practices for University Open Access Policies


COAPI Support Access2Research White House Petition


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